Time for a new look.

North Forty Road 2008-2012

North Forty Road 2008

Have you looked at your website lately? Are you happy with it? Does it look good on all of your devices?

These are questions we must ask regularly, with technology and browsers and machines constantly moving in new directions. Many of the WordPress websites we designed two and three years ago are now dated from both a design and technology perspective. In addition, many homepage slideshows were designed using Flash back then, so they may not even work in iPhone/iPad.  It may be time for a change!

The great thing about WordPress is that it is possible to do a new visual theme for your website without revisiting (or even touching) your existing content.


North Forty Road 2013

We can create a new “skin” for your existing website at any time. And the fun part is the process – taking the time to rethink your look, to put together different images for the homepage, to find new and different ways to present your unique message. That’s my favorite part of the process, and it can be yours, too!

Contact us today to get started on your new look.  At the same time, we can make sure your software is up-to-date, and safe from hackers.

New Site Release: Tom Ingrassia Productions

Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 7.44.19 AMWe’re thrilled to release a new template-based WordPress site, for Tom Ingrassia Productions.  Tom is a long-time friend and client, and this new site is his fourth brand revision.  We were able to create a new logo that truly speaks to his business and image, and incorporate it into a responsive pre-existing WordPress theme. Check out www.ingrassiaproductions.com!

Tom says: “Working in partnership with North Forty Road, I was able to develop a dynamic new image for my company–one that reflects the high quality programs that I offer. Scott and Shane listened to my needs/wants, captured what I wanted to achieve, and involved me in every step of the process. I have a site that I am very proud of!”

We’re happy to discuss your needs for branding and image, and to truly get to the heart of your business with the latest internet tools.  Contact us today for your free consultation.

WordPress Template Sites

2012While my firm specializes in custom, high-end WordPress designs, we also occasionally recommend the use of pre-designed themes for WordPress.  For those with budget constraints, this may be a perfect alternative.

WordPress, of course, delivers the best platform for small business websites, allowing you, the site owner, to edit and change your website through an easy-to-use web control panel. Add your own pages, add your own images, play with the menus – it’s all in your control!

Lower-cost websites with pre-designed themes that you essentially pick from an online “catalog” make WordPress accessible to businesses with tighter budgets. And, although you may not be able to brand the site exactly as you imagine, there are many, many quite good site designs to choose from.  Best of all, once you have a fully-functional WordPress website, you can upgrade to a custom design when budget allows.

Check out these links:   WordPress Themes  –  Top Twenty Responsive WordPress Themes – 15 Free WordPress Themes

We’d be glad to discuss this option with you, and help you weigh the pros and cons of both types of design.  In the end, you want a site that looks great, represents your business (and you!) well, and helps drive more visitors into your world.

New Site Release: Toppy America

toppy-blogThis week, we were able to launch another unique new website design, this time for Toppy America, based in Canton, CT.  Toppy supplies Italian-built large-scale machinery for the printing, pharmaceutical, and food industries, increasing these companies efficiency and profitability with automation.  Their machines are very cool!  Be sure to check out the video page to see them in action.

Toppy already had an older WordPress site, so we were able to create a new theme (or “skin”) for their old site, and keep all of their content and photos intact.  It was a new challenge for us, working with code originally written by others, but the result is, as you can see, a very attractive new site.  Check them out at www.toppyamerica.com!

New Site Release: Brain, Child Magazine

bc-portThis week we had the privilege of releasing a new site for Brain, Child: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers. In addition to having a unique, custom design, this site utilizes the WordPress blog functionality in an unusual and effective way to display web-only content from this excellent magazine. Other features include a fully-functional product store and online subscription purchase and management.  The owners of the magazine are able to click a button in our interface to generate an accurate mailing list when it comes time to send out the next issue.

From the Editor, Marcelle Soviero: “At Brain, Child we strive to bring the voices of women of different backgrounds and circumstances together on the page and on our website. Through essays, fiction and feature stories our writers provide their unique perspectives on being mothers and women while addressing readers as thinking individuals, not just medicine-dispensing, food-fixing, boo-boo-kissing mommies.”

The website for Brain, Child presented new and different challenges for us, and we’re excited to help the magazine reach more and more people online.

Visit www.brainchildmag.com and give it a try!

WordPress 3.5 Released

Recently, the gurus at WordPress released a new version of WordPress, version 3.5. This is a significant update. If we host your site, we will be rolling this update out wordpress-logo-stacked-rgbto you soon. Many of you have already been updated.

What’s new in this version? Well, this is a significant upgrade, and you may notice some changes when you log in next time. The biggest change is in how WordPress handles your media, images and videos. The new media manager is designed to be easier to use and offers a few handy features drag-and-drop configuring of galleries and the ability to insert multiple images into a post at one time. If you use images in your blog post, these changes should be helpful.

Of course, there are also a host of security and bug fixes. The administration area has been upgraded for “retina” displays, if you happen to be lucky enough to have such a display. And many of the software libraries that WordPress uses have been updated to the latest versions.

All in all, with version 3.5, you should have a smoother experience with images and other media files and a sharper looking administration area. You can read more about the release here and you can always contact us if you have any questions.

Two New Sites Released

http://maison4.comMaison4 is an interior design company that specializes in all areas of interior design, including space planning, lighting design, furniture selection and window treatments with locations in Boston and Phoenix. Their web site includes information about their services, as well as a storefront with hand-selected items for home decorating. Congratulations to Maison4 for launching their new site.

vecofcanton.comAlso this week, we launched the new site for Veterinary Emergency Center of Canton, CT. VEC of Canton offers a 24 hour emergency clinic for household pets. No matter the time, they can care for your pet, complementing the services of your regular veterinarian. Their site includes a visual design with detailed information about their services. We are proud to have worked with this new small business as they launch both their site and their services.

Contact us today to start work on your new web site!

Two New Sites Released!

Today we are happy to announce the release of two great new sites:

LaFrance Medical Aesthetics: A Bristol, CT – based company that provides high-quality cosmetic treatments that generate natural, subtle yet amazing results. LaFrance clients enjoy an upscale, comfortable environment and access to top treatments for a wide range of conditions. Their website reflects their culture of quality and their simple aesthetic of beauty. Plus it provides valuable information to potential clients and useful tools for scheduling appointments.

Rosie’s Laundromat: Rosie’s is a fresh take on an old idea – the laundromat reinvented for the modern world. Offering a full-service laundromat, with state-of-the-art washers and dryers, Rosie’s goes above and beyond other laundromats by also providing a great atmosphere and a concierge service for all your laundry needs. Rosie’s website reflects their spirit of fun, while also inviting customers to come check out their reinvention of the laundromat.

Congratulations to LaFrance and Rosie’s Laundry for launching their sites with North Forty Road!

New Site Release: Bristol Hearing Aids

Bristol Hearing Aids

We’re proud to announce another new site release, for Joanne Cyr-Callaghan at Bristol Hearing Aids, a company serving the needs of people with hearing loss. Joanne has a growing business that needed a new, improved web site. Our custom design gave her a great look at a great price.

Our professional design team took cues from Joanne, and developed a site that is clean, modern, and simple, yet contains the vital information her clients and potential customers are looking for. We also are developing a mobile version so folks can find her business easily on the go.

Check it out at www.bristolhearingaids.com!

New Site Release: Central CT Plumbing and Heating


We’re proud to announce another new site release, for Tim Vergnetti at Central CT Plumbing & Heating, LLC, a Wallingford plumber. Tim is an honest, hardworking guy, and needed his site to present his business well, yet be designed within his tight budget.  Our new basic WordPress templates were just the ticket!

Using our NFR Basic Red Template, we customized with his logo, images, and content that he will be able to add to, change, and otherwise enhance over time.  An easy connection to his business Facebook page, setup of a Google Places page, and Google Apps business email rounded out the project, helping Tim to efficiently get the work out about his great work.

Check it out at www.centralctplumbing.com!