You must believe… in you.

ct-abundance-projectAbundance project #3 was about belief. When it comes to the Law of Attraction and Abundance: Do you believe? Did you believe yesterday? This morning? Ten minutes ago?

What stops belief?

I have come to realize that the biggest roadblock to the success I crave is me. Despite constant exposure to Abundant thinking, exercises, tools, people, we are human, and doubt can be very strong.

As innocent children, we see the world around us as play, as fun, as full of possibility. Upbringing, parents, teachers, and life later tell us that play is for kids only, and “don’t expect your dreams to work out.” And those voices are loud! For some reason, the brain latches on to them first, because they are easier and more “normal.”

But, if we can find that pivot point in our thinking, where we take steps to remove negative thought, remove judgement, keep just 51% of our thought on the positive side, life changes completely.

Am I there? No, not at all. It takes constant work. It takes constant reminders that the universe is immense and possibilities are endless. One of our group members said to remember that we are on a ball that is spinning through space. Just spending a few moments a day remembering that “little” miracle can help change your perspective.

So, believe, and believe blindly. You don’t need to have the answers, the how or where, just the goal. Speak it out loud, write it down – your belief becomes infinitely more powerful when you put it to words. And live and feel the joy of achieving it, with gratitude. Be as a child, and create a new normal!

I know that if I can change that one little neuron that says “no,” all that I’m striving for will come rolling to the shore in an endless sea of abundance. I can, and I am. You can, too!

This week’s assignment: Make a resolution about believing, and use your words to cement it. Write down your experiences, and share them here as comments.

Thank you!

The Central Connecticut Abundance Project meets in Bristol, CT, on the first Friday of the month at 9:30 a.m. You can benefit from joining the MeetUp group, even if you are from far away, and participate virtually. Check it out at

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