New Site Release: Hammersmith Construction

hammersmith-construction-ct-websiteWe’re pleased to announce the release of a new North Forty custom website for Hammersmith Construction, Inc.

Based in Litchfield County, CT, Hammersmith is an elite homebuilder catering to the housing market in Litchfield and Fairfield Counties in CT, as well as Millbrook area, NY. Ian and Glen Hochstetter bring more than 30 years of experience as high-end homebuilders to the table, and have created a family of unique homes for discerning homeowners. The new website serves as a showcase for their work, offering inspiration for people looking to build.

We had fun working on this site because Ian was open-minded and a joy to work with, and we had plenty of “eye candy” to play with. Be sure to check out their gallery! Here’s what they said about working with North Forty Road Web Design:

It is our pleasure working with Scott and his “crew.”   We recognized the need to place the responsibility for helping us represent ourselves in capable hands.  We are so pleased with the results after our interviews with the writers and different iterations of the layout, graphics and user interface on the new website.  Another aspect of working with North Forty that we found very helpful was their patience and persistence in drawing the information from us that they needed to create such a usable and visually pleasing site that is Hammersmith, Inc.  We look forward to continuing to develop it with their astute guidance.

Many thanks,
Ian & Glen Hochstetter


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