Time for a new look.

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North Forty Road 2008

Have you looked at your website lately? Are you happy with it? Does it look good on all of your devices?

These are questions we must ask regularly, with technology and browsers and machines constantly moving in new directions. Many of the WordPress websites we designed two and three years ago are now dated from both a design and technology perspective. In addition, many homepage slideshows were designed using Flash back then, so they may not even work in iPhone/iPad.  It may be time for a change!

The great thing about WordPress is that it is possible to do a new visual theme for your website without revisiting (or even touching) your existing content.


North Forty Road 2013

We can create a new “skin” for your existing website at any time. And the fun part is the process – taking the time to rethink your look, to put together different images for the homepage, to find new and different ways to present your unique message. That’s my favorite part of the process, and it can be yours, too!

Contact us today to get started on your new look.  At the same time, we can make sure your software is up-to-date, and safe from hackers.

New Site Release: ABRN Development


North Forty Road is proud to release a new website for ABRN Development, a high-end contractor and homebuilder in MetroWest Boston.  We’ve worked with ABRN on a number of projects over the years, and now was the time to replace their older Flash-designed website – it looked great, but was totally invisible in iPhone/iPad.

Here’s what Alicia Nardo, co-owner of ABRN, had to say:

Our new website provides a fresh and updated view of our company and services.  We were looking for something clean and image driven and that is exactly what our new site is.  I love having the administration tool at my command so updates are easy to make and announcements can be made timely to our industry and clientele.  Our new project inquiry form allows us to capture very important information at the first point of contact which will allow us to better serve potential new customers.

Thank you for a job well done!

Check out the new ABRN Development site today, and contact us if you’d like to discuss a similar new web presence for your business!

Why Custom?

With the thousands of pre-designed websites and free design tools available, I often get the question: “Why should I invest in a custom design?” There are basic reasons that the custom WordPress website continues to be our best-seller:

  • iStock_000004715911LargeWe take the time to learn about you. No free tool or design is going to capture your business goals, your unique tastes, your “look.”  Your logo, business cards, website and more need to reflect the “you” of your business.
  • What we learn about you is the real deal. The internet is chock-full of websites that are impersonal, generic, and lack vision. Your website can stand out from the crowd simply because it is genuine and sincere. People spot that personal touch immediately, and respond.
  • You’ll be proud of your site, and of your business. Because you have taken the time to work with us on a custom design that truly expresses the “you” of your business, you’ll use it more, you’ll promote it more, and your business will grow from the inside out.

I’m glad to talk through the exciting process of designing a custom website.  Contact us any time for advice, for an evaluation of your current site, or to hear success stories from our happy clients. We’re here to help!

WordPress Template Sites

2012While my firm specializes in custom, high-end WordPress designs, we also occasionally recommend the use of pre-designed themes for WordPress.  For those with budget constraints, this may be a perfect alternative.

WordPress, of course, delivers the best platform for small business websites, allowing you, the site owner, to edit and change your website through an easy-to-use web control panel. Add your own pages, add your own images, play with the menus – it’s all in your control!

Lower-cost websites with pre-designed themes that you essentially pick from an online “catalog” make WordPress accessible to businesses with tighter budgets. And, although you may not be able to brand the site exactly as you imagine, there are many, many quite good site designs to choose from.  Best of all, once you have a fully-functional WordPress website, you can upgrade to a custom design when budget allows.

Check out these links:   WordPress Themes  –  Top Twenty Responsive WordPress Themes – 15 Free WordPress Themes

We’d be glad to discuss this option with you, and help you weigh the pros and cons of both types of design.  In the end, you want a site that looks great, represents your business (and you!) well, and helps drive more visitors into your world.