4 Practical Ways to Think Abundantly

ct-abundance-projectI’ve started the Abundance Project because Abundance thinking is the #1 path to success, and though I experience abundance every day, I often have trouble actually believing in it.  Sometimes the negative thoughts that surround us creep in, take over, and carry more weight than the positive ones, and we need to dig deep to stay positive. Even though we know this with our minds, the other noise is often too loud. It takes every ounce of willpower we have to do what we know deep down is good, successful, and even more – fun – and that is to think abundantly.

So, we must practice, and the monthly Abundance Project meeting, selfishly, is a big part of that for me. I’m also a big believer in sharing knowledge and bringing people together, and there is much we can accomplish in our own thinking by sharing that process.

We had a great discussion last month about practical ways to bring Abundance into your life. With eight open-minded people sharing their own stories, this was a safe, positive environment to share some actual paths to abundant thought, with no outside judgement or negativity. Here are just a few we shared:

  • Gratitude Journal. Several of us had a routine, and it was interesting to see the differences. My routine is to write 4-5 things each morning that I am grateful for. That process always helps me to begin the day with a smile and the right attitude to attract Abundance. Others do a similar process before going to bed at night. I’m thinking, maybe both!
  • Morning Routine. I’ve learned that how I start the day has a huge effect on how I think throughout the rest of it, and sticking to this simple order of events most often helps me stay on the Abundant thought wavelength.  See How Do You Wake Up? for details.
  • Avoid Negative Energy. Ever walk into a room and just feel in your gut that the energy is not good? Or, the opposite: Have you walked into a room and immediately felt a strong goodness? That’s real! Trust your instincts and go where the energy is good.
  • Speak Positively. Avoid words like “but” or even “try”, and really say things that help you and others grow. “This is a beautiful day but it’s going to snow tomorrow.” becomes “…and there’s a good chance we’ll see even more beauty when it snows tomorrow.” Subtle but important difference! And don’t forget how Yoda helped us understand manifesting your desires through words: “Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try.”

The discussion was very powerful and uplifting, and we were reminded also that there are days we will not believe this stuff works. I’ve noticed while working on the Abundance Project that there are more and more of “us” out there who believe in, and have seen actual evidence of, Abundance Thinking at work. Your faith is strengthened by that collective power.

Join us online! Even if you’re far away and can’t attend our monthly meeting, you’ll benefit from the online discussions at www.meetup.com/ctabundance.


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