Social Media and SEO

CT Social Media ExplainedI bet I got your attention with just mentioning those two things, didn’t I?

These two topics, Social Media and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), are the most loved and hated necessities of the small business… We know they work for us, they bring us more business, but how do we make it all work? How do we use these tools to bring in more business without breaking the bank or devoting all of our time to them?

In my experience, there is a wide range between I Do It All Myself and I Hire Someone to Do All This among small business owners. Even here at North Forty, we fall somewhere in the middle – performing some SEO and content tasks ourselves (for instance, this Connecticut Web Blog is primarily done by me, because I love writing and communication. It’s not for everyone.), and other things are better left for trusted professionals who have far greater knowledge.

The good news is that if you happen to be one of our clients, we can be sure you are working with someone you can trust, and will deliver results.

Our newest colleague, Tim Dugan, turned me on to how SEO and Social Media are now one thing. That’s right, they are both necessary, and they all work in concert to drive more traffic to your site. Here is a cool infographic he created to easily describe the various social “engines” and how they communicate:

Even more confused? Yeah, I know. We all need help with this stuff! However, that doesn’t make it any less important. Please be in touch with us today, and we’ll put together a plan to get your business recognized online in a way that you can trust.

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