Is your business a relationship business?

ct-website-designRecently I had a close colleague e-introduce me to another one of my colleagues as “someone you should meet.” The other guy wrote, “Yep, already know Scott.” I thought that was awesome! These little small-world connections that happen when you’ve been in business for awhile are a big deal, because they indicate that in some way we’ve “made it.” Wow! People have heard of North Forty Road!

It’s not a small thing, because it is part of a greater concept: The people or companies that are the best at sales are the ones that value relationships. In fact, I’ve come to realize that North Forty Road Web Design is far less about building brands and websites than it is about building relationships. The relationships that I have built since starting this business are valuable and building them is the most rewarding part of it. And, the websites we create build relationships, too, online. So, eight years and 6000 contacts later there are bound to be more and more small-world connections.

How can you cultivate more relationships:¬†Find excuses to meet people (the right Chamber of Commerce events, network groups, business gatherings and seminars), and cherish every business card. ¬†Follow up with a sincere “nice to meet you” note. Meet people individually for coffee or lunch. Listen and really be interested in learning new stuff about another business. It’s amazing what you can learn! Then, that will be a lasting relationship that will bear fruit in your business next week, next month, maybe even years later.

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