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2012While my firm specializes in custom, high-end WordPress designs, we also occasionally recommend the use of pre-designed themes for WordPress.  For those with budget constraints, this may be a perfect alternative.

WordPress, of course, delivers the best platform for small business websites, allowing you, the site owner, to edit and change your website through an easy-to-use web control panel. Add your own pages, add your own images, play with the menus – it’s all in your control!

Lower-cost websites with pre-designed themes that you essentially pick from an online “catalog” make WordPress accessible to businesses with tighter budgets. And, although you may not be able to brand the site exactly as you imagine, there are many, many quite good site designs to choose from.  Best of all, once you have a fully-functional WordPress website, you can upgrade to a custom design when budget allows.

Check out these links:   WordPress Themes  –  Top Twenty Responsive WordPress Themes – 15 Free WordPress Themes

We’d be glad to discuss this option with you, and help you weigh the pros and cons of both types of design.  In the end, you want a site that looks great, represents your business (and you!) well, and helps drive more visitors into your world.

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