Is Customer Service Dead?

ct-web-design-customer-serviceJoe, a colleague of mine, recently mentioned that his industry was going to shift its focus to customer service.  His response was, understandably, “Really?” (Here’s Joe’s full article: Focus on Customer Service)

It truly amazes me that customer service has fallen so low on the priority list for so many people, companies, even whole industries. Remember when we could count on emails being returned, phone calls being answered, people being respectful?

Customer service, however, is not dead, because a few holdouts like me (and Joe), make it our top priority. And because like attracts like, we surround ourselves with people with similar values. In my case, yes, we build powerful websites. But that is secondary to listening to the needs of our clients and really responding to them. It’s not just that we solve their problems. It’s that we want to solve their problems. And because our focus is on people, we have fun learning about them, becoming virtual business partners with them, and learning together how to improve our respective businesses.

Our tagline “Your Trusted Web Advisor” goes way beyond trusting me and my staff – it is about the “like attracts like” network that I have built over the years.  You can call us when you need help with web marketing, SEO, photography, your mortgage, car repair, credit card processing, insurance, and many, many other things, because we have built a huge network of people that make the customer our first priority. And, we love talking about customer service, because it is at the center of good business!

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