WordPress Is Still the Champ

ct-wordpress-websitesAmong my most-often-asked questions: Why WordPress? Are there better systems out there for website platforms?


I’m a little biased of course, because WordPress is our platform of choice… But there are solid, exciting reasons:

  1. User friendly! Other CMS (Content Management Systems) have a way for non-coders to edit their website content, but none is as easy to use as WordPress. We have clients that use the competitor platforms, and in many cases looking in the admin area for something as simple as editing a line of text on the homepage is daunting. WordPress just makes this stuff easy: log in, go to the page you want, click edit, edit, click update, done!
  2. LOTS of possibilities! Because WordPress programming is all Open Source – built by a huge community of volunteers – there are many, many thousands of plugins available to make your website do all sorts of things, from the simplest news feeds up to full-feature online sales. Yes, it is best to work with a pro for this kind of thing, but things that would have taken us months of programming in the past are now already done.
  3. Safe! Once again, due to the Open Source nature of WordPress, the community of programmers is always aware of ongoing security threats. New versions of the WordPress software are released regularly to address new compromises as outside hackers get better and better at finding ways in. No site is 100% safe, but WordPress is a pretty sure bet for staying as secure as you can.
  4. It’s Fun! Every new update of WordPress makes it easier to use, provides newer, cooler features in the back-end admin. Even as I write this post, I enjoy working in this new and fresh-looking environment.

If WordPress is new to you, and you’re considering changes to your website, maybe it’s time to make the jump. Contact us for a free consultation – we love talking about WordPress!

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