A New Year Approaches

We might be inclined to take a moment and look back on 2012 and remember all that was accomplished. At NFR, that would be quite a list as many things have changed in our business over the past 12 months.

Ppbc_icon_checklistBut looking back isn’t really our style. Instead, we are looking at 2013 and planning the new year.  I hope you are thinking about the opportunities for your business in 2013, and ways you can position your business for success.

Of course, we stand ready to help with your website. As you think about your online presence for 2013, ask yourself:

  • Are your images current? (Still using that headshot from 2003?)
  • Does the design of your site reflect the quality of your business?
  • How current is your site text? (Still advertising a sale from last Spring?)
  • Does your site look good on modern computers and mobile devices/phones?
  • Does your website and print material match so that you are easily identified? (business cards, letterhead, mailings, etc.)
  • Are there website features you’ve always wanted? (e-store, video, forms, photo gallery, events calendar etc.)
  • How does your site do in a Google search?
  • Is your website connected with your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook accounts?

It may be time to consider a new site design or a refresh. Need help? I invite you to be in touch for advice on how to make your site come alive, so that you can start 2013 with your best foot forward!

New Site Launched: the Carter Notch Inn

http://carternotchinn.comThis week we are excited to announce the launch of a new website for Carter Notch Inn. The Carter Notch Inn is an award winning bed and breakfast located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The Carter Notch Inn provides an elegant location for your next fall foliage adventure, cross country ski trip or summer escape. Their new website showcases their various bedrooms and amenities, as well as introduces you to the attractions in Jackson, NH. In addition, to previewing the rooms available, links on the site allow you to reserve a room for your next trip.

Congratulations to the Carter Notch Inn on the successful launch of their new site. Contact us if you are ready to launch your new web project.

Are you using this hot summer to your best advantage?

For some, Summer is a time to slow down the pace of work, to recharge the batteries, and to prepare to be better, more excited, and more productive once the busy Fall hits.  A great way to hit the ground running this Fall is to spend some time now focusing on your marketing.  Take a few moments to think about how you are reaching your customers, and use some of our tips below.

Do an e-newsletter, like this one. Email marketing continues to be an easy way to connect with your customers, and it works! (You’re reading this one, right?) Some studies have shown interesting facts, like:  Did you know that people are more likely to open and read an e-newsletter on a hot, sunny day?  Also remember: The more personal, the better – your customers will feel more connected to you if you simply converse with them. Contact us to talk about setting up your own e-newsletter campaign.

Update your website content: This is a great time to click through your own website. Maybe it is time to upgrade text and images and to add something new. Remember that your website is not like a printed brochure – the message should grow and change with your business. Contact us for advice on how to improve your website. 

Invest in internet marketing: Have you had a Search Engine upgrade on your website recently (or ever)? Have you checked the statistics of your site visits and how people are finding you online? A small amount of time on your part and some financial investment can truly make your website work for you. Contact us to discuss your own marketing situation, and how your website can be part of your sales team.

We look forward to hearing from you, and wish you a well-balanced summer: rest, relaxation, and readiness for the Fall!