Music for Mission

peaceI’m taking a moment today to talk about music and charity; please take a moment to read and make a purchase or donation if you feel so moved.

Many of you know that my “other life” is as a church musician – organist, pianist, choral director. Over the years, I have done some recording, and have self-produced three albums of music for pipe organ and piano. The most recent CD, “Peace“, is a recording of my own piano compositions, music perfect for relaxation and meditation.

Half of the proceeds of my music sales support the Homeless Outreach Network in Waterbury, an organization that helps the large number of folks who are on the margin of society, living in the woods or in abandoned buildings. Your purchase or donation will go directly toward food, water, clothing and shoes for these individuals.

Everything you need to know is at this website:, including an opportunity to buy CDs, buy music from iTunes or Amazon, or donate directly.

(The remaining half of the proceeds supports the expenses of making future CDs to keep this venture in motion. 100% of donations go directly to the cause.)

Thanks for your support!

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