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ID-10076977I’m often asked, “What do you love most about your job?”

There are a lot of obvious things, like freedom of owning my own business, get to work with great technology, always learn new things, have an awesome computer, etc.

But each of those things fades into the background when I considerĀ the team.

The team consists of me, my staff, and the client. When we approach a new website project, the first thing that happens is a meeting – by phone or in person – to discuss the client’s needs and dreams for their online presence. The client then works directly with our designer in a collaborative process of creating the look and feel of the new website. Simultaneously, the client goes through a similar effort with one of our content writers. Then the site is built and the content is put in place, the design is tweaked, and ultimately a new website is released with which we are all happy.

It is the team aspect of this work that I enjoy the most. There is often laughter and fun during the process, and the product is perfect for the client because he or she was an active part of designing their own website. And the relationship continues long after that, as the client learns how to do their own website editing and changes, with our guidance. We also provide the client with connections and advice for promoting their website on search engines and in social media, and remain trusted advisors for all of their marketing.

Each website in our portfolio is a result of this team design approach, and I am both humbled and proud by what this process can produce. However, the relationships behind those projects are what business is really about. Contact us today to learn more about working together to make your web presence come alive! The initial consultation is always fun and free.

(Photo courtesy imagerymajestic, Yep, it’s cheesy, but it made me smile.)

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