What does good web design look like?

Good design is one of the most critical pieces of any new website. As tastes and trends change over time, there are some hallmarks that professionals look for.  And, for site visitors, even without a design background or “eye,” they respond on a subconscious level to good design, and actually reject poorly designed websites without knowing why.

We at North Forty believe that great design is found in simplicity and relevance. Can the focus of your business be found immediately?  Does the imagery of the site draw visitors in? Are visitors able to quickly and easily find what they are looking for? WordPress has provided many possible layouts, and through market research and success stories, we have found the following layout details to be very effective:

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1. Logo and NavigationKnowing exactly where you are makes you feel comfortable, right?  Navigation should be front and center, and should include all pages in a logical fashion so your site visitors can get to what they need, immediately. How’s your logo? Does it truly represent the mood, professionalism and quality of your work?

2. Focus Slideshow: People respond to good images, so don’t skimp here! Have a pro take some photos of your work, and especially include images of people. Your site visitors care less about what you do, and more about how you make people feel. Show that with pictures.

3. Content and Sidebar: Each page has text and images related to your business, kept brief and informative. As site visitors become more curious and delve deeper into the site, the info you provide can become more detailed. The sidebar holds all of the info that you want to remind your public about on every page, including contact methods and a call to action.

At North Forty Road, we stand ready to help you develop an effective web presence, while helping you explore your brand and make it more compelling. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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