Strangely enough, finding inspiration can be a challenge when your life and work are devoted to creative pursuits. Ironic, huh? Even though I’m not directly responsible for coming up with new design ideas, it’s important for me to remain open and excited about design trends, new technology, and business. The daily grind of email, phone calls, support, and other issues often get in the way of that excitement, so it is important to make an intentional plan of inspiration.

Here are some things that work for me:

  • Start the day with something inspiring. I have a daily routine that includes coffee (just 1/2 cup now!), reading, podcasts, and time outside, before starting in on business. It helps keep things in perspective, and I approach my clients in a better frame of mind.
  • Read books that are inspirational. See last week’s post on books
  • Listen to uplifting and educational podcasts. My personal every day go-to is Absolutely worth the $20/month and daily 15 minutes to be inspired to help people and be successful in the process.
  • Turn off the TV. Starting the day with news interrupted with commercials is rarely inspiring, yet valuable time flies away when you’re doing it.
  • suLook at art online, read inspiring blogs. I have to admit to being newly-addicted to! In addition to cool blog posts about topics that I enjoy, the images and mind-stretching websites created by super-cool creatives make me smile and say, “Wow.”  Stumbleupon learns what you love as you “stumble” through the web more, and I find it a great break in the day to just take it in.
  • Get out. Running is a relatively new thing in my life, and most enjoyable because I’m out in nature, and grateful for its beauty.
  • Do something with your hands. For me, it used to be woodworking – creating something you can hold in your hands is a nice balance when your primary work is virtual.  Recently I’ve taken up whittling, which is completely portable!

Here’s another great article that I found very helpful: 6 Simple Rituals to Reach Your Potential Every Day – some of them may surprise you!

The best part of any of the above – none of them takes very long, and the payoff is huge. Take an hour or two every day to keep yourself inspired. Your family, your clients, and best of all – YOU – will be much happier!

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  1. Thanks for sharing and the insight. Not often do you find people talking about meditation when it comes to business. I think it is very important.

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