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A great line from a Billy Joel song: “You’ve gotta stay in style and feed your head.” I feed my head the good ‘ol fashioned way – by reading.  Here are a few of my current favorite business books that you may find inspiring and helpful:

happiness-advantageThe Happiness AdvantageNot only does your attitude directly affect the way you are perceived by your clients and business associates, it affects you. In this great book, Shawn Achor takes the reader through seven specific methods of positive energy that really changed my perspective. Deeper and more practical than many other “power of positive thinking” books, The Happiness Advantage is a must read for anyone who works with people.

The Power of HabitFrom the smallest patterns in our lives, to the deep entrenched habits that are tough to break, our lives are filled with things we do repeatedly, good and bad. Containing story after story and scientific research, The Power of Habit not only debunks some important mysteries of habit in our own lives (and thereby helping us to break the bad ones), but helps us learn how to turn our understanding of others’ habits into business success. A mind bender, and a great read!

ReworkThis is an unusual book that I keep nearby for those times in the work day that a different perspective is needed. With short, effective bits of info, Rework forces you to look at your business in new and different ways: don’t make a business plan, you don’t need investors, ignore the competition…  All great advice to help you stay your own course, because you are valuable on your own! Very inspiring.

Make time to read about your work every day – it keeps you on top of your game!

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