Website Checklist for 2012

2012 is only days away… is your business ready for a new year? Is your website up-to-date?

Here is a handy list of things to think about:

  • Are your images current? (Still using that headshot from 2003?)
  • Does the design of your site reflect the quality of your business?
  • How current is your site text? (Still advertising a sale from last Spring?)
  • Does your site look good on modern computers and mobile devices/phones?
  • Does your website and print material match so that you are easily identified? (business cards, letterhead, mailings, etc.)
  • Are there website features you’ve always wanted? (e-store, video, forms, photo gallery, events calendar etc.)
  • How does your site do in a Google search?
  • Is your website connected with your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook accounts?

Many of these items are small housekeeping things, several that you can even do on your own. Need help? I invite you to be in touch for advice on how to make your site come alive, so that you can start 2012 with your best foot forward!

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