Mobile Websites

It’s a fact: the fastest-growing group of web-searchers are folks who browse on their mobile devices: iPhones, iPads, Androids are the biggest out there, but there are many others.

The images below show the differences between a standard site and its mobile counterpart. You can test drive this yourself at

A mobile site displays completely differently in a phone or tablet, removing extraneous graphics, adding a simpler navigation menu, and above all, making the text larger and easier to read.

Easier to read translates to: more people will read, and learn about your business.

What can you do as a business owner to catch the attention of these people? Be sure your website works well in a mobile format. I invite you to contact us for more info on mobilizing your site. Let’s take your website into a new era of growth!


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New Site Release – Connecticut is Ultimate!

I’m very excited to be the “web guy” for Connecticut’s newest pro sports team!  The Constitution, owned by local business guy Bryan Ricci, are part of the fledgeling AUDL – American Ultimate Disc League.  Consisting of eight teams nationwide, the professional Ultimate league begins its first official season in 2012.

The site for the Constitution needed to be visually “cool”, provide great images, and allow visitors to interact in many different ways – from league and team statistics that can be managed and updated by the owners to automated scheduling display to two discrete stores for ticket and merchandise purchasing – all done through WordPress add-ons within a reasonable budget

Check out the site, and be sure to catch their first home game on May 5!  Visit