Central CT Abundance Project

Do you use Abundance thinking to bring success to your business? Here’s a little reminder about the new group that is starting this coming Friday at 9:30am, here in Bristol.

I hope you’ll read here about my Abundance Project. This past year has proved more than any other that abundant thought is key to an abundant business, yet human nature steps in often and doubt prevails. My new business group will meet monthly here in Bristol to explore abundance and to provide real, practical ways to bring more abundance into our thinking and businesses. Join me for the journey!**

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** Not familiar with Meetup? It’s worth signing up for a free account and joining my group, even if you don’t plan to attend. Meetup is the only online social media tool with the sole purpose of bringing groups together face-to-face, and my business has expanded greatly by being there, thanks to some awesome folks who have started very effective business network groups.

Don’t Fake It Till You Make It.

CT business websiteAs an entrepreneur, I found the following article very helpful.  It helped me see that I am not alone when I am stressed, and that it is okay to have feelings of vulnerability as a business owner.  In fact, reading this article made me recognize that because I am ambitious, and have an energetic “go get ’em” personality, I’m also a magnet for stronger emotional roller-coasters.  By recognizing these vulnerabilities, and knowing that I am not alone with these feelings, I can be comfortable expressing my business challenges, easily find healthy outlets to relieve stresses, and I don’t need to “fake it till I make it,” which this author believes is unhealthy.  What do you think?

Click here to read: The Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship

After reading this article, let us know who you feel.  Do you think business owners need to continue hiding behind a mask?  Would you do business with someone that is genuine and willing to show honest emotions?