Don’t Fake It Till You Make It.

CT business websiteAs an entrepreneur, I found the following article very helpful.  It helped me see that I am not alone when I am stressed, and that it is okay to have feelings of vulnerability as a business owner.  In fact, reading this article made me recognize that because I am ambitious, and have an energetic “go get ’em” personality, I’m also a magnet for stronger emotional roller-coasters.  By recognizing these vulnerabilities, and knowing that I am not alone with these feelings, I can be comfortable expressing my business challenges, easily find healthy outlets to relieve stresses, and I don’t need to “fake it till I make it,” which this author believes is unhealthy.  What do you think?

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After reading this article, let us know who you feel.  Do you think business owners need to continue hiding behind a mask?  Would you do business with someone that is genuine and willing to show honest emotions?

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