How do you wake up?

iStock_000004140736LargeMaybe I overthink things, but I have found that how I spend the first couple of hours of the day is critical to the success of the day ahead.

How do you do start out?

When I first opened this business in 2006, I woke up so excited and frightened that it was “right to the email!”… Later on, as this business grew, I discovered that it was more important to get my head in the game first, so that I could approach the many requests from my clients happily, and with genuine enthusiasm to be helpful (which is what I actually love most about this job!).

So, for those of you in a similar pattern, I suggest making a plan.

Here’s what works for me:

  1. Awake with gratitude. First thing when my feet hit the floor, I say a quiet “thank you” for my family, my business, all of the many good things that life has brought to me. Gratitude is a powerful way to keep your mind on what’s important, so that all of the little things of the day feed your inner self.
  2. Read something good for your soul. After I get into that cup of coffee, I spend some time reading something spiritual or uplifting. Sometimes it is just a few pages or a chapter, but soul-feeding words bring a smile to my face and the right attitude for the day ahead. I’m a person of faith, so many of the books I find inspiration are of that ilk, but there are many others.  A few examples: The Bible, The Power of Now (Tolle), The Secret (Byrne), Pray and Grow Rich (Ponder), The Four Agreements (Ruiz), With Open Hands (Nouwen). Follow the reading with a 5-minute quiet meditation, and you’ll feel very relaxed and ready to take on just about anything.
  3. Exercise. This is a tough one for many of us, because it involves habit change. If you can stick to some kind of regimen daily, though, after a month or so you’ll really miss it if you don’t do it! I run between 1 and 3 miles almost daily now, but that started with walking twice a week, walking daily, running that first mile (huffing and puffing!), and eventually working my way to a new routine. Listening to podcasts while I run inspires the day ahead.  Here are a couple of great business podcasts that I have at the ready: This Is Your Life (Hyatt), Morning Coach (Glossinger), Entrepreneur on Fire (Godin).

Now, you’re ready! Go into the day feeling good about yourself, grateful about your life, and ready to be high-minded and open-minded… the makings of an awesome business person. Please take a moment to share how you start your day.

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