Five Steps to Happiness

ID-10057676I’ve just been reading about this guy by the name of Ray Chambers, who has gone from a hugely successful entrepreneur/Wall Street mogul to a life of philanthropy, including his new role as the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Malaria. His five steps to happiness are startlingly simple and powerful:

Live in the moment

It’s better to be loving than to be right

Be a spectator to your own thoughts, especially when you become emotional

Be grateful for at least one thing every day

Help others every chance you get

If you are like me, you struggle with balancing these… with devoting time to both moving forward with your business and doing good for others.  I believe it is possible, with just 1% improvement daily, to make that all happen at once. Does your business help people?  Does your work as a volunteer help to feed your business? Does it all feed your soul? I, for one, am getting closer to that every day. You can, too!

Here are some more bits of business balance wisdom that I found meaningful: Best Advice: Lessons From My Dad and Steve Jobs

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