Fall Checklist – Are you ready?

Summer gives way to Fall so quickly that it is easy to be surprised and overwhelmed at this time of year. My purpose today is to remind you that your online presence can help get things in motion for a very productive and prosperous fall.

checkmarkHere are some ways you can use your website to generate some fall enthusiasm:

  • Start that Blog…  Remember that Google loves new and fresh content more than anything else.  A simple article once a week (like this one) can help your site rank better, and show your fans that you are not only still “there”, but are up-to-date and always learning.
  • Hook that Blog up to your Social Media… There are great WordPress plugins that auto-post your new blog articles on your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. In one click, you’re everywhere!
  • Run a Contest… Have something free you can offer in a drawing? Send an email blast out with a survey that asks for valuable marketing info and offer something valuable.
  • Update your Content… Everything on your website up-to-date? Be sure you don’t have any mentions of things you don’t do anymore, people who don’t work with you anymore, and most importantly, look out for “coming events” that are long past.
  • Add Pictures and Video… People respond to visuals far more than text. Been thinking about making a little YouTube commercial?  Now’s the time!
  • Get It Out There… Maybe now is the time to consider some online advertising, especially if your Yellow Pages ad is really not getting you anywhere.

We’re glad to help!  Contact your Trusted Web Advisor today to discuss any of these directions.

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