Don’t take yourself (our anyone) too seriously…

ID-10063202In a world where such huge emphasis is placed upon “getting it done” and “getting it now” and “getting it cheap”, it’s so easy to lose our sense of humor, or even our sense of people. 

Technology (our bread and butter, being an internet-based company) doesn’t help matters, making things more and more instantaneous. Letter writing has given way to short, impersonal email, which has degraded even further to almost-nonsensical I.M. and text messaging. There are great benefits, to be sure, but aren’t we missing something?

So, one antidote to the quick + now nature of business is to simply have more fun. Take some time to laugh with your colleagues, and more importantly, your clients! This requires something that we are often afraid of doing: pick up the phone.

One of my favorite things in our business is the online help we provide our clients when they are learning how to use WordPress for editing their new website. More times than not, it is a pretty vulnerable time for the client, because it brings to light where they lack some higher-level computer skills. It’s also vulnerable for us, because this is when our own inevitable mistakes come to light. It’s not a big deal though, because all of a sudden we are all on the same page, we’re all human, and we’re all poking fun at ourselves. It brings us closer as people, and it’s fun!

Take time to get to know your clients, and allow them to get to know you. It will pay off great dividends for both your business and your soul!

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