New Site Release: Pakachoag Music School

Pakachoag Community Music SchoolWe are honored to launch a new WordPress site today for Pakachoag Music School of Greater Worcester!

This is a special honor for me, as I was a member of the faculty at Pakachoag for several years, and have helped them keep their web presence moving forward for quite awhile. The new WordPress installation allows Sarah Smongeski, Executive Director, and her staff, to keep timely info always available to students, faculty, and the public.

Sarah writes:

The new site complements the School’s growth over the past 10 years (since our original site was unveiled in 2003), providing current and prospective students and donors with easier and quicker access to an increasingly wide array of program, event and community support information. For me, personally, the web site is a great visual of how the support of the larger community is contributing to sustaining a robust, regional program serving over 40 communities stretching from Bolton and Southborough to Sturbridge and northern Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Check the site out today, and if you or your child is looking for top notch music instruction, you’ll be glad you paid them a visit!

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