Blogging: Go for it!

ID-10085359I had a client this week tell me that she had set up a blog, and spent several hours just looking at the “Add New Post” button, and finally decided she should write something. In the process of writing, she realized that she had something unique to share, and loved doing it!

This blog started out as a way to promote new sites that we have designed and released here at North Forty Road. Eventually we began sharing tips on using WordPress, our primary website platform, and the internet in general. More recently, we started sharing general small business help – technical tips, marketing tips, and even spiritual guidance. It has become somewhat popular, especially within our LinkedIn community.

My biggest hangup was that there are so many blogs out there…. How could I present anything unique? Well, we all have a unique voice, and we all have something to say. So, if you’re even considering doing a blog, I say “go for it!” Write a couple of posts, send them to folks you know, ask them for feedback. People love giving sharing their opinion, so take advantage of that! And then, make a regular schedule.  Don’t try to do it every day; start with weekly, or even monthly.

There are some great WordPress tools to help build your readership: The Subscribe2 plugin adds a sidebar signup area for folks to subscribe to your blog – they’ll receive your new posts via email, and can comment by replying to that email. The Jetpack plugin allows you to send your posts directly and automatically to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more – very convenient!

The tools are great, but the inspiration can come from anywhere.  Remember that you do have a voice. Share it!

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