Themes vs. Custom Designs.

When we started offering our clients WordPress powered sites, a lot of folks would say to us, “all WordPress sites look the same.” One of WordPress’s great features is the ability to change the look of a site with a new theme. But the ease with which a theme can be changed meant that a lot of WordPress sites opted to use a few of the good freely-available theme templates out there.

The truth is that we are able to bring any design to WordPress with completely custom designed themes. And we do. Custom designs have the primary advantage of giving your business the precise look you want online.

That said, theme templates are still a good option for many. Templates can be done quickly, and cost a fraction of what a custom site costs, because the bulk of the template work is already done. We offer a few of our own templates, ready to go, but we are also happy to help you install a template you find online at one of the many repositories.

If you have a web project that needs a quick solution at a low price, consider using one of our template products.

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