Preparing for the Fall: Ready for New Customers?

The summer is a great time to reflect on your business and strategize new ways to meet your customer’s needs. But soon, Fall will be here. Are you ready to receive your customers and exceed their expectations?

Host an open house. If your business has an office, warehouse, factory, shop, or conference room consider hosting an open house. Such events bring customers into your space and invite them to see your operation from the inside. Open houses also provide an opportunity to connect with your customers in a more informal way, which can lead to a new understanding of your client’s needs.

Start a seasonal marketing campaign. Maybe it’s time to update your website or launch a Facebook page for your business. Perhaps you need to initiate an email campaign to reconnect with your customers. North Forty Road can assist your business to leverage the full marketing potential of the internet – so new customers find you and old ones stay in touch. As people return from the summer and settle in for the fall, now is a great time to reach out. To learn more about marketing packages we offer, click here.

Mobilize your site. Make sure your potential customers are finding you, wherever they may be. Already, a significant minority of web traffic is generated by mobile devices (cell phones, pads, etc.). In the next year or two, it is expected that the most web traffic will be done via mobile devices. Making your site accessible to customers on the go is a great way to expand your web site’s impact. Contact us to learn more about mobile options for your business.

Get Optimized. SEO is not a one-and-done affair. Make sure your site is getting ranked on search engines with regular attention to your site’s search optimization. Contact us to discuss simple and effective ways to improve your site’s “searchability.” Read about SEO here.

With the Fall comes Football, cooler weather, colorful leaves…and hopefully new customers for your business. Let us help you reach your goals this Fall and in every season. Contact us soon.

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