What’s Your Best Business Skill?


Everyone is unique, everyone has their own special style and skills. As a business person, what are your best skills? What are the skills you struggle with most?

Are they the same thing?

It may just be that the thing we are best at is the thing we struggle with the most. And, if that’s the case, isn’t it the most worthwhile skill of all?

For me, it is talking about myself. At a network meeting yesterday, we were all asked to pair off and prepare our new partner to deliver a 1-minute commercial for our businesses. In other words, I would be making a presentation to the group promoting the business of the person next to me. Nerve-wracking? A bit. Fun? Definitely!

An interesting thing happened.

The presentations were much more personal than the average “Hi, I’m John Smith who owns [insert business] and we do [insert profession]”… In fact, the presentation that my partner did was simply wonderful. She made me look far better than I could have, ever.

Later, I put a lot of thought into why, and here’s what I came up with: When placed in a position of talking about anyone but ourselves, we entrepreneurs are very comfortable selling a person instead of a product. If we all could get better at saying things about ourselves that help people get to know us and trust us, our sales would skyrocket! But it’s not easy for a mostly-modest person to do, and even more challenging for a less-than-modest person one.

I think, though, that this is one of the most important skills we can learn as successful businesspeople: Be comfortable enough in your own skin to share your best person with others. The business will follow.

Here goes: I am a well-connected, well-trusted businessman who loves helping small businesses grow an amazing online experience. I have fun doing this, and my clients do, too.

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by Lisa Polce, Guest Blogger

iStock_000006680981MediumFirst, you probably won’t think of it this way, but you are better at networking than you think. Let’s face it, you network in the grocery store, in church, in an elevator, at your children’s school. Networking is having a conversation. Let’s take the stress out of feeling like you have to have a sales pitch.

Networking, at least, good networking is a skill. I don’t think it comes naturally. The art of networking and at the core is, don’t expect anything in return. When you genuinely want to help a colleague succeed, you will succeed. Networking is planting a seed. You never know where that conversation will go or lead. Many times, it will surprise you that it does come back to you. What you give out, comes back.

In my travels, I have heard over and over, people do business with people they know. Networking is another way of saying you are building on your relationships. With that, you build trust and trust leads to referrals.

Networking isn’t easy. As it does have the word, “work” in it. Network! It’s hard work and you have to keep doing it to get better at your skills. Networking isn’t a sales pitch. You are a farmer planting a seed, and with your hard work, you can watch that seed grow.

What can you walk away with from this article? If you are passionate about your career choice, like what you do, then simply be yourself. Keep in mind when introducing yourself, How can I help you gain more business? Plant the seed, water it and help it grow. Helping others builds your confidence and and in return, you gain trust with others.

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Just be yourself and enjoy what you do, the talking comes easy!

About Lisa Polce: 

With 18 years of experience, I will meet and go beyond your expectations, multitask, have an incredible work ethic and strong customer service. My graphic design background involves not only creativity, layout and design, but extensive pre-press work for commercial printing. I understand the end result, in which it is not only a great design of visual communication, but that there is correct paper choice and correct choice of printers to ensure the outcome of your project will be the best possible.