You will be awesome in 2014!

2014 CT Web DesignerHow did it go? Wish to erase 2013 from the Great Calendar of Life? Or, was it a banner year you’d like to repeat?

I’d be lying if I said that 2013 didn’t have challenges. Significant challenges. Massive hurdles, actually. But, today, I’m looking back and seeing those hurdles as learning experiences that have made my business (and yes, me) better in the long haul. Here’s a quick look back, and ahead.

Accomplished in 2013

We expanded our team. With the addition of Stephen (lead developer) and Jacob (my assistant and WordPress development ninja), and our newest strategic partner Mike (video production and online marketing), we have been able to expand offerings and push the boundaries of design and functionality in our WordPress websites.

We got better at what we do. The collaborative efforts of Shane (designer) and Stephen have led us to create awesome-looking WordPress sites for our clients that are responsive (scale perfectly to all sizes of devices). Our content writers really help clients make their businesses “come alive” with awesome text. New methods of online marketing, especially videos combined with YouTube promotion, are giving site owners websites that actually work – bringing in new clients and more money.

We love what we do. The more I get out there and network, the more I learn about cool businesses that are brand new to me. This is the fun part for us! The unique challenges of your business can become unique opportunities, and we get to show you how. Check out some of our successes here: NFR Portfolio.

We built a whole lot of websites. We completed 25 or so projects of varying sizes in 2013, and continue to help those clients with their online presence. The North Forty Road family continues to expand!

Plans for 2014

Continue providing great service. Our clients love our work, but they also love our team. “Shane was awesome!” is a an email message I’ve received more than once! We have fun together, and I plan to discover more ways to keep that fun going. A happy team is a great team for you.

Expand our offerings. We’re getting started on a very large WordPress-based online store that I’m very excited about. We’ve done e-commerce before, but never on this scale. It’s an awesome challenge, and both the client and my team can’t wait to sink our teeth into it. More opportunities for online marketing (social, video, blogging, newsletters) are developing every day as well, so a package offering for small businesses will be rolling out soon.

Reach out more. Networking, phone calls, lunch meetings. Listening to each person’s business challenges and ideas. Connecting people that have like minds. Providing what advice I can. These are all fundamental to my work, and are the fun part. This year, I will be starting group devoted to Abundance thinking as well.

Gratitude. None of this could happen without the team, without my amazing clients, or without you. Thanks for being part of the NFR family, whether as a client, friend, or polite onlooker. You’re the center of all of this!

So there it is… where we are, and where we’re going. I hope you have found some inspiration in this brief look back and ahead, and I’d love to hear your own story!

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