Social Media Tools for WordPress

ID-10078955We have learned that social media is the new king of marketing… but make no mistake, your website is still critical, and should serve as the central hub for all of your online marketing. It’s home!

WordPress developers have created numerous tools that can help pull together all of your online real estate.  Check out these great plugins:

Social Media Widget: So simple, and the clearest way to direct people from your website to your social media. As the name implies, Social Media Widget adds a widget to your sidebar with icon links to each of your social media outlets. Install the plugin, add the widget to your sidebar, add the URL of each of your social media pages, and you’re off and running! Tip: Set each icon to open a new page/tab so that your website remains open. You can see this plugin in action on our homepage.

Sociable: Take your Social Media integration to the next level by adding “share” buttons at the end of each page or article. You can easily configure which media you wish to use, and the connection to each happens in the background automatically. Sociable also includes “print” and “email”, allowing full control of your viewers’ sharing experience.

Pinterest “Pin It” Button: Make it easy for your site visitors to Pin your images to their Pinterest board, sharing the wealth of great content you are posting! Install it, set it, and forget it… This plugin adds a “Pin It” button to your pages, and defaults to pinning the first image on each page.

Need help? We’re here to help you bring all of your internet pieces together to create a full online marketing plan. Contact us today to discuss!

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