New Site Release: Hartford American Guild of Organists

hartfordagoWhen the Greater Hartford Chapter of the American Guild of Organists were ready for a new website, they had some very clear goals: build a site that is attractive, shows the pipe organ as an important instrument, offers opportunities for both members and enthusiasts to connect, and allow a chapter member to edit and change the site with basic computer skills.

Once again, WordPress to the rescue!  Here we have custom-designed a WordPress site that is easy to maintain in the background, and includes a password-protected members area and public discussion forum.

And, best of all, the entire site is responsive Рit re-sizes and reconfigures itself based on the type of screen being viewed with, whether computer, tablet, or hand-held phone. Try it!  Visit the site, and re-size your browser window to mimic the shape of a tablet or narrow phone.

As an organist myself, I’m honored once again to create a website that showcases a truly amazing instrument, and help others discover that is rightly called the King of Instruments!

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