Meditation for Success

One of the most successful, yet often overlooked, paths to success in business and life is personal meditation – taking time to open your mind to new possibilities and the power that is deep within yourself. This power is real, and becoming open to it has been central to my own successes. Big deal people that write about business success – Jack Canfield, J.B. Glossinger, and many others – attribute massive success to their mindfulness and use of meditation to achieve it.

Rather than write more detail about meditation, I thought I’d share one with you today.  Try it!

You need about 3 minutes to do this, someplace quiet, where you can listen through your computer speakers or earphones. The video below is a simple image of a sunset with quiet music.  Watch the video, imagining yourself sitting there on that beach, and visualize the stillness of the water as the quiet of your mind.  If thoughts and problems filter through you, just let them in, and then let them go. Breathe and relax.

I hope you enjoyed this meditation and found it helpful. This music is my own composition, and part of my album of original piano music, called Peace (check it out at Itunes). The writing of this music, for me, has been it’s own form of meditation. It is my hope that it provides a place of peace for you today.

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