Coach to Success

Owning a business can be a lonely thing. How often to you get stuck in a rut because you are doing the same things over and over again?  Or, start the day without any idea what the “next thing” is going to be to move your business forward?

Consider getting a coach! My business stayed in the same spot for several years until I got serious about moving forward.  I worked with two different business coaches, worked through several exercises designed to move North Forty Road forward, and the results were simply amazing.  Triple-the-revenue kind of amazing, actually. I’m a believer!

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 10.54.08 AMIn addition to working directly with a business coach, I discovered a great daily podcast.  JB Glossinger is the voice and mind behind  In his own words, his daily 15-minute message is designed to “keep you moving forward, living the life you want to live, and just having some fun.”  What else do we need, really? Each day’s message is filled with great tips and inspiring stories that help keep me on track with my attitude, my finances, and business. And, JB’s energy is just plain infectious.  I can’t wait to listen, first thing every day!  Morning Coach is highly recommended.

The reality is, you are never alone in business – there are like-minded individuals ready to help, through formal coaching, podcasts, and even in your networking and among your clients. And, you may have noticed – they love to talk! Listen, learn, and grow.

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