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trello_dev_boardSometimes it seems impossible to keep up with the always-expanding number of new apps that are available for our computers, tablets,and phones… and I admit to being behind-the-times on occasion.  I do, however, love running into a fellow geek and comparing notes on the latest and greatest!

I’m not really a gamer (though Ruzzle has created some family fun lately!), so sifting through all of the mindlessness to find good new apps for business and productivity can be a challenge.  This article from the Huffington Post lists loads of great suggestions.

Being a recent Mac convert and a long-time iPhone user, I get excited about gadgets that save time.  One Mac application that I highly recommend is aText. (An alternative for Windows users is Text Expander.) Set to run on start-up, aText replaces abbreviations with long text blocks that you can set up.  This is a must for people that send the same email message repeatedly to different people.  When I welcome a new client to a hosting account, I type in hoSt (the odd capitalization sets it apart from anything else I might type) and aText automatically replaces it with my standard “Welcome to your new hosting account” email message.  A great time saver!

Project management is a big challenge in my business, with many projects going on simultaneously.  I use Trello religiously to keep track of each client and what stage they are in. Trello’s ingenious use of cards and lists make it possible to see my whole business on one screen, as well as set up checklists, reminders, and store important info. It also is a web-based tool that I can access anywhere through a great iPhone app. Best of all, it is free. I’d be lost without it!

I’m always on the lookout for a new toy, especially a toy that makes work more efficient and more fun.  Comment below and share your favorites!

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