What Are “retina”-quality Graphics?

Recently, Apple computer released the new MacBook Pro with a “retina” quality display. A “retina” display is a buzzword created by Apple to describe the high-resolution screens found on the iPhone, iPad and now the MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

The “retina” display works by concentrating a high number of pixels into a small space, making for extra sharp images. The pixels are packed together to provide 4 to 5 times higher pixel-density than a traditional screen. Though Apple is leading the pack on this one, you can be sure that high-resolution screens are soon to become the standard on new models. Why? Because they look great!

What does this mean for your website? Well, as more people adopt a “retina” screen, website graphics will need to be updated to correspond to the new high resolution standards. We have competing interests here! On the one hand, we want to keep graphic files small so that they load faster over the internet. On the other hand, we always want to take advantage of new technologies so your website looks great!

Over the next year, we suspect “retina”-like displays will become more common, and the need to upgrade the resolution of images on your website more apparent. For now though, these displays are the exception, not the rule. As adoption of new display technology changes the landscape of what people expect on their screens, we will be ready to change your website accordingly.

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