New Website. New Partner.

I am excited to share with you two big changes at North Forty Road.

First of all, allow me to introduce you to my new partner, Bryan Hooper. Bryan brings excellent technical skills to our firm as well as a commitment to great service. Bryan has a background in computer science and has been making web sites almost as long as there have been web sites. Recently, he was looking for a change, and our goals aligned perfectly. Bryan will be working to improve the quality and extend the capability of the sites we produce for all our clients. You can contact him here.

Along with this partnership, we have launched a new corporate image, complete with a new web site. This site is designed to be attractive and useful. I hope you will take a moment to visit the site and have a look around.

These changes signal a new era here at North Forty Road. We are a growing business. But many things will not change. You will still get great responsive service. You will still receive creative web site designs. You can still expect high-quality hosting for both your site and email. With the addition of Bryan to our team, we will expand our offerings while maintaining our standards.

Thank you for your continued business.



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