Fresh Content = More Site Visitors

When was the last time you read through your own website text?   I mean, really read it?

Is it up-to-date? Interesting? Does it give visitors something new and fresh to think about? Does it clearly point visitors to your product or service?

Do you find it interesting or appealing?

Last week, Google introduced some new search algorithms that place more weight on the “freshness” of website content. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we hear about Google changing their rules frequently, but this one actually has some relevance for us small business folk. Basically, if you can find a way to increase your website text presence regularly, your ranking goes up and you have a greater shot at being found online. (Geek alert – you can read more detail here)

So, let’s get writing!

Feel free to be in touch for advice on where and how, but be prepared to start putting some of your thoughts into words!

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