Are people finding your business?

I recently met with a business owner who was investing $7000/year on yellow pages advertising. Really.

It’s hard to blame the guy, however – they do a pretty hard sell! And who could blame those companies, either? The yellow pages print ad is a dying breed because most of us put those cumbersome books directly into the recycling bin. Those companies sell hard because they know that Google is where everyone turns when they need something.

Our tip of the month: Invest some time and money in online marketing, instead of the yellow books. A multifaceted plan involving the following items can give your business far more online visibility:

  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter accounts with weekly updates
  • New, relevant website content (blog posts or info pages)
  • Area-targeted website search engine optimization (in other words, make your site really attractive for specific phrases like “Bristol CT Web Design”)
  • Accurate Google business listing / place page

Either learn from us how to do ongoing management of the above, or have us do that for you.

We can help more people to find you online; reply to this email or give us a call to learn more!

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