Welcome to the Social Media Revolution

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 9.08.37 AMI was browsing YouTube this morning looking for inspiration…  Found it!  We are on the right track, folks.

This social media ride we are experiencing is growing in leaps and bounds and I am excited that we are taking this fast-paced train ride together. No longer is this social media frenzy about just connecting with old friends. The ROI (return on investment) that businesses are experiencing by leveraging social media platforms is impressive. If you hire a marketing expert, they would tell you it is important to stay on top of your online market. Did you know that there is a new member that joins LinkedIn every second? That schoolteachers are utilizing iPads and the internet for their lessons?

Because of this massive growth, it doesn’t matter if you are in the front of the train or in the caboose. What matters is that you are on it and taking full advantage of the experience. Watch this YouTube video to gain more insight on why it is important to get on this social media revolution train. And, if you need help navigating it, contact us for help!


Growing Your Network by Engagement

new_twitter_logoHave you ever thought about how cool it would be do have hundreds, if not thousands, of Twitter followers?  I know I have!  Engagement might be the key that we are missing.  What do I mean by engagement?   Engagement means interaction.  Search for interesting topics that you might want to get involved in, and start interacting with those people and groups.  Start following them and ask them to start following you.  Put yourself out there, and it will come back to you.

The following video is from someone I follow, and helps explain hashtags and how they can really help your social experience.  J.B.’s Morning Coach daily podcast keeps me fresh on new ideas and business techniques.  He is very informative, motivational, and makes learning the proper ways of “engaging yourself” very easy.   Take a look and tell me what you think!

Click here: http://youtu.be/5ndgMtLN2gg

Write an Article!

post_gadget_igoogleHmm…  So I’m writing an article called “Write an Article.”  I’m already confused – are you?

At a recent networking meeting, our group was discussing ways to get a message across to our clients that (a) shows what we as professionals can do, and (b) doesn’t sound “showy” or arrogant. It’s not always easy to do! Personally, I have a lot of trouble getting up in a group setting and talking about my business, because it often feels like I am coming across as self-centered, though I’m pretty sure that’s not me.

One of the ways we can share our knowledge and gain traction with people as an expert in our chosen field is to write articles. Articles should sound comfortable and conversational, and be brief.  We all know that the human attention span for this type of thing is not what it used to be!

But, most importantly, it should offer something that people can use, on their own, to help with their business, life, etc.  In other words, something relevant.

After writing your article, you can post it on your blog, as I’m doing here.  After you’re done, post a link to your blog post on your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter account.  Then, repeat. Do an article weekly, post it in your social media, and watch the “likes” and responses come in!  You can also promote your business a bit by leaving the article a bit open ended.  For instance: “Want to know more about writing and posting articles online?  Contact us today to learn more.”

Finally, have fun with it. You have your own unique voice, your own unique take on your industry, your own amazing personality.  Let it shine!