What is Responsive Mobile Design, and why do I need it?

Is your website responsive? In other words, does it respond to the shape of the screen on which it is being displayed?

With the use of mobile devices – tablets and hand-held phones – for website viewing now exceeding the use of desktop computers, it is critical to consider how your website looks and functions on all platforms.

A couple of years ago, it was OK to just have a “mobile version” of your website to cover the iPhone and Android phones that would display full web pages. Now, practically all devices display websites, and display them accurately, and look at the number of screen sizes and shapes that are out there! Big tablets, small tablets, phones that look like you’re holding a TV up to your head….  It’s a daunting prospect for web developers to match our sites up to all of those options.

Enter the responsive design… and the best way to describe it is to show you.

This blog is a responsive site, and depending on where you’re reading this you’ll see a couple of hallmarks:

  • Layout: This is a two-column site, with a content area and sidebar. You’re reading the content area right now, and the sidebar is over on the right on a computer. In a small device, the sidebar jumps to the bottom, so you can scroll to read it.  This is the most important feature of responsive design – the text scales to be comfortably read in all devices.
  • Menu: If you are on a computer, the menu is on the top right, and shows a few items and drop-down sub menus. This is often hard to navigate in a mobile device. When viewing on a smaller device, the menu converts to a single button that opens out into easy to touch menu items.

If you are reading on your computer, you can see these changes actually happen by grabbing the right side of the browser window and slowly dragging it to the left, essentially squeezing your site into a column. It’s pretty cool to watch it adjust itself!

Check out some images below, a Connecticut custom responsive WordPress site that we built and maintain. And… are you ready to make the jump to responsive, and want to learn more? Contact us for details – advice is on the house!

Click to enlarge:

New Site Release: Brick and Stone Expressions

We are excited to announce the launch of the new website for Brick and Stone Expressions. Brick and Stone Expressions creates original and unique stone products for fundraising projects, memorials for pets, monuments for significant moments and events, decorative stones for gardens, and even drink coasters and other specialty products. Brick and Stone Expressions is able to offer custom designs that express your personal sentiment or capture your corporate identity. Their website needed to showcase the wide variety of stone products and designs they offer and communicate to potential customers the various options available. Congratulations to Brick and Stone for launching a new web site with North Forty Road.

You can visit the new site at http://brickandstoneexpressions.com/.

New Site Release: Bristol Hearing Aids

Bristol Hearing Aids

We’re proud to announce another new site release, for Joanne Cyr-Callaghan at Bristol Hearing Aids, a company serving the needs of people with hearing loss. Joanne has a growing business that needed a new, improved web site. Our custom design gave her a great look at a great price.

Our professional design team took cues from Joanne, and developed a site that is clean, modern, and simple, yet contains the vital information her clients and potential customers are looking for. We also are developing a mobile version so folks can find her business easily on the go.

Check it out at www.bristolhearingaids.com!

New Site Release: Automated Alarm Processing

http://www.automatedalarmprocessing.comBristol, CT, entrepreneur Brian Kirk’s message was simple: have better customer service at a better price than the competition.  He has achieved this with a new business: Automated Alarm Processing.

Our new site for AAP provides a place for people to learn more about home and commercial alarm monitoring, using the various technologies that are available to keep homes and businesses safe. AAP offers all of those services for a fraction of the cost of the big-name competitors, and Brian is a personable and dependable businessman.

Visit www.automatedalarmprocessing.com to learn more, and to see our latest custom WordPress installation.

Mobile Websites

It’s a fact: the fastest-growing group of web-searchers are folks who browse on their mobile devices: iPhones, iPads, Androids are the biggest out there, but there are many others.

The images below show the differences between a standard site and its mobile counterpart. You can test drive this yourself at www.ctconstitution.com.

A mobile site displays completely differently in a phone or tablet, removing extraneous graphics, adding a simpler navigation menu, and above all, making the text larger and easier to read.

Easier to read translates to: more people will read, and learn about your business.

What can you do as a business owner to catch the attention of these people? Be sure your website works well in a mobile format. I invite you to contact us for more info on mobilizing your site. Let’s take your website into a new era of growth!


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