Why Custom?

With the thousands of pre-designed websites and free design tools available, I often get the question: “Why should I invest in a custom design?” There are basic reasons that the custom WordPress website continues to be our best-seller:

  • iStock_000004715911LargeWe take the time to learn about you. No free tool or design is going to capture your business goals, your unique tastes, your “look.”  Your logo, business cards, website and more need to reflect the “you” of your business.
  • What we learn about you is the real deal. The internet is chock-full of websites that are impersonal, generic, and lack vision. Your website can stand out from the crowd simply because it is genuine and sincere. People spot that personal touch immediately, and respond.
  • You’ll be proud of your site, and of your business. Because you have taken the time to work with us on a custom design that truly expresses the “you” of your business, you’ll use it more, you’ll promote it more, and your business will grow from the inside out.

I’m glad to talk through the exciting process of designing a custom website.  Contact us any time for advice, for an evaluation of your current site, or to hear success stories from our happy clients. We’re here to help!

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